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22 June 2017
Yamaha News: Plan your dream trip with Destination Yamaha

Yamaha Motor Europe are excited to launch the new Destination Yamaha platform. Destination Yamaha is now the online hub for the top, Yamaha approved travel partners, across Europe and further worldwide. Get ready to get lost and hit the open roads for an adventure of a lifetime, as only two wheels can give. True motorcycle freedom is now just a couple of mouse clicks away.

Destination Yamaha is now the perfect online destination for those riders who want to make their dream Yamaha trip a reality. The platform contains a simple selection process, enabling users to narrow their search criteria depending on style of adventure and geographical location. The online search will then deliver a set of adventure partners that specialise in making motorcycle travel dreams come true, with nearly 100 different travel options between them.

Whilst every rider shares the same feelings and emotions of freedom when riding a motorcycle, not every rider wants to experience the same adventure. Because of this, Destination Yamaha can make getting lost on a motorbike an original and personal trip, just for you.

If you’re a hardcore adventure rider then why not seek out the legendary routes through Mongolia or Morocco or South America to test your limits. If that sounds too extreme, then dial it back and take a more leisurely tour through some of Europe’s most beautiful twisty roads. You can also get dirty closer to home, and get totally covered in mud in the wilds of Wales!

Full contact details, information and website links can be found in the search results, allowing users to then make direct contact with the best company that matches their dream adventure. Users can also rest assured that selected approved partners will have the latest and most suitable Yamaha machinery waiting and available for them to ensure their adventure runs without a hitch.

Whether you want to take a road trip through southern France, or tackle the dunes of Morocco, the Destination Yamaha platform will ensure that you have the right guide, the right machine and the right adventure. The partners also cater for all lengths of trip, so whether you have a weekend off work you want to fill wit the great outdoors, or two weeks of vacation to get totally lost in, Destination Yamaha will get you there.

For more information and to take the first step in finding your dream adventure, visit www.destination- yamaha.eu and define your trip!

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