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21 June 2017
Yamaha News: One MyGarage App To Rule Them All

Today, Yamaha are making it even easier for you to build your dream Yamaha model(s) with an evolution of the MyGarage App. The 3D model configurator previously available in multiple, single model range apps comes together in one app, offering you the chance to build your dream collection of Yamaha motorcycles and/or scooters under one roof. Already the most popular powered-two wheeler app on the market for motorcycle customization with over 700,000 downloads, the MyGarage App is ready to take it even further.

Besides the Hyper Naked, Sport Heritage, Supersport, Sport Touring and Sport Scooters ranges the free to download MyGarage App will now also, for the first time include Adventure and Urban Mobility models. This extensive range now addresses every Yamaha you could wish for, meaning your perfect Yamaha is simply a download and a few clicks away.

The MyGarage App retains all the individual Apps most popular features, you can still compare your builds, share your dream bike with your friends, and of course send your ultimate machine(s) directly to your local Yamaha Dealer to complete the journey to owning your dream Yamaha. Don’t panic if you’ve already created your perfect Yamaha in one of the single apps, any machine already configured will be available, as saved, in the new app.

Summer is on the way! Now with Yamaha’s different ranges of motorcycles and scooters all under one app there is even less excuse for not building your perfect dream model(s) online, then asking your local Yamaha dealer to make it a reality as soon as possibe!

The MyGarage app is available for iOS and Android.