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12 June 2017
Yamaha News: New Kodiak 450. A force of nature.

With over 40 years’ of experience in the production of All Terrain Vehicles, Yamaha is widely recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of rugged and reliable models that come with a high build quality as standard.
The current Yamaha ATV range features a line up of functional and attractive models from 700cc through to 50cc that cover both the Utility and Sport & Leisure segments. By giving all of our customers a wide choice of durable and reliable models that are both easy to use and straight forward to maintain, Yamaha has reinforced its position as one of the most solid and respected ATV brands.

Yamaha’s ATV range is further strengthened and expanded with the introduction of the new Kodiak 450 EFI and Kodiak 450 EPS models that will be available from summer 2017. Inspired by the hugely successful Kodiak 700, the Kodiak 450 is a new mid-sized utility model that has been specifically developed for both professional and leisure customers whose key priorities include all day comfort, functionality, and ease of use.

Kodiak 450 EFI and Kodiak 450 EPS Overview

Versatile and practical new mid-sized utility ATV Emphasis on all day comfort, functionality and ease of use Tireless worker as well as an enjoyable leisure vehicle Premium Yamaha quality with good value
Dependable performance on all terrain Durable and rock solid Yamaha technology
Taking mid-sized utility ATV design to the next level

The definitive mid-sized utility ATV

The Kodiak 450 EFI and Kodiak 450 EPS models are ready to set new standards and exceed our customers’ expectations in the important mid-sized utility segment. Aimed primarily at professional users in the agricultural, forestry and equestrian sectors, the Kodiak 450 sets new standards in terms of functionality, all day comfort and ease of use.
At the same time as being a rugged and reliable worker, the Kodiak 450’s user-friendly features and full-sized ergonomics also make it an ideal model for private owners who appreciate the quality and reliability that come as standard with every Yamaha ATV.

Yamaha reliability with premium quality

The Yamaha brand is built on the solid foundations of technical innovation and class leading quality, and these enduring values have made the company one of the most successful and respected names in both the 2-wheel and 4-wheel markets.

The Kodiak 450 is a premium quality mid-sized utility ATV that has been designed and manufactured to the same high standards as every model in our popular range. Yamaha will never compromise on this total commitment to quality and reliability, and it is this clear and consistent philosophy that has helped to make Yamaha one of the most trusted brands amongst professional and enthusiast ATV riders.
Robust, compact and comfortable body design

The Kodiak 450 is an ultra capable utility ATV designed for both work and leisure use, and is aimed at a wide range of customers who are looking for a robust, affordable and attractive mid sized all rounder.

The compact body design has been inspired by the best selling Kodiak 700 that has proven to be one of Yamaha’s most successful and enduring ATVs. The Kodiak 450’s user-friendly ergonomics ensure all day riding comfort, whether working on the farm or in the forest, or leisure riding with friends.

The newly designed luxury seat has plenty of cushioning and support, and the natural low-stress riding position is designed to distribute the rider’s weight evenly for enhanced comfort on all types of terrain.