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28 March 2017
Yamaha News: ΜΤ Tour 2017 – Together Again!

For 2017 Yamaha is back on the road, travelling across Europe with the amazing MT Tour Experience.

This unique, interactive Tour givesridersthe possibility to get up close and personal,taking a road test on the new models, including the 2017 YamahaMT-09, MT-10SP, and the MT-10 Tourer Edition.

The 2017 MT Tour hassomething for everyone,whether you are a novice rider, an experienced daredevil or a serious stunt rider, the MT-125, MT-03, MT-07, MT-07 Moto Cage, MT-09 and MT-10 machines have what it takes to bring the Dark Side of Japan to all levels of riding. Alongside the incredible Hyper Naked range and 2017 accessories, the 2017 MT Tour will be supported by a limited selection of like- minded premium partners.

SHARK Helmets will join Yamaha for the 2017 MT Tour, to showcase 10 different MT style helmet models. These will include the iconic DRAK helmet, perfect for the MT-09, the SPARTAN (available in Carbon or composite fiber version), aggressively styled full-face helmet, which are the perfect lid for the MT-10 and MT-10SP. The range will also include further selected styles, including the VANCORE, with an “aggressive” look and the SKWAL, 1 helmet with integrated LED lights. Test helmets of selected models will be available to add an extra element to the MT experience.

Legendary exhaust manufacturer Akrapovič will also be present, with a display of their market leading exhaust systems for the Hyper Naked range, as well as accessorized units available for test on the day. As a dedicated partner of Yamaha with proven, winning technology developed through research and development on theworld’srace tracks,there is no bettersolution forthe HyperNaked range.

Yamaha Music will also be joining the MT tour, sharing their passion for quality, innovation and performance. There will be a display of home audio devices and a full professional sound system to provide the soundtrack to the 2017 MT tour. Two Yamahas with a shared passion.

Last but by no means least, TomTom. After collaborating with Yamaha recently to offer a special deal for MT-10 Tourer Edition customers, they will now be on hand with their amazing TomTom Rider 410 as well. Not only on display, but also available for each Hyper Naked test bike to ensure that every MT riding experience goessmoothly and sticksto the best possible route.