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20 January 2017
Yamaha News: 2017 My TMAX Connect APP & X-MAX 300 Genuine Accessories

Wide range of accessories for the 2017 TMAX models
16 years ago, TMAX changed the face of the scooter world and created a whole new category. Since then, the Yamaha TMAX has gone from strength to strength, and today this influential maxi scooter totally dominates its segment. With over a quarter of a million units sold since this legendary scooter first appeared in 2001, the TMAX is one of the most significant and authoritative powered two wheelers ever launched by Yamaha.

Featuring a sporty and dynamic new design as well as a new lightweight aluminium chassis and advanced electronic control technology, the 2017 model is built to reset the rules of MAX, and will be available in three different versions: TMAX, TMAX SX, and TMAX DX.

To give all customers the best possible choice to personalize their TMAX, Yamaha have developed a wide range of Genuine Yamaha Accessories for these exciting new TMAX models.

This extensive Genuine Accessories line-up features everything from functional items, such as top cases and inner bags, as well as comfort products including a range of comfort seats, backrests and grip heaters – right through to sport oriented items including an Akrapovič exhaust system, sports screen and license plate holders. The 2017 line also features a comprehensive range of easy to fit components – including colored passenger footrests, as well as brake levers and guards – that make it easy to create a unique TMAX that reflects your personality and resets the rules of MAX.

My TMAX Connect APP powered by Vodafone
Yamaha and Vodafone have teamed up to take maxi scooter riders into a new era of connected services with the innovative new My TMAX Connect APP. Available as a standard connection on the Yamaha TMAX SX and TMAX DX, this exclusive new mobile phone APP opens up a whole new world of functionalities and information – thanks to the integrated GPS system and dedicated telematics infrastructure – by connecting the TMAX riders to the Internet of Things (IoT).

When using the My TMAX Connect APP, all TMAX SX and TMAX DX owners can access a wide range of services that includes a bike tracker option, remote horn and flasher function, speed alert, geofence and trip reports throughout most of Europe. As well as giving you a range of useful functionalities and data, the system also helps to protect your TMAX SX or TMAX DX via the Vodafone network of dedicated Secure Operating Centres.

Yamaha offers to first TMAX SX and TMAX DX buyers the first year subscription to the APP for free; after this year a fee will be charged.
Full information on My TMAX Connect APP features, subscription and activation can be obtained from www.my-tmax-connect.eu.
The My TMAX Connect APP will be available in the app stores for iOS and Android systems from end of February – ready to be used when the TMAX models arrive in the market in April 2017.

Genuine Accessories line-up for the new X-MAX 300
With the new X-MAX 300 due to arrive in dealers’ showrooms in spring, Yamaha can already reveal the Genuine Accessories line up for this versatile and exciting city commuter.
With its stylish design, strong performance and outstanding functionality, this new Sport scooter model offers you the opportunity to desire what you need. And the line-up of X-MAX 300 Genuine Accessories enables riders to further enhance the capabilities of this sporty and exciting all-rounder that has the ability to handle everything from the daily commute to a weekend get-away.

With a wide choice of city and sport oriented Genuine Accessories – including top cases, backrests, underseat compartment divider and high screen for daily city usage – as well as an Akrapovič slip-on muffler, foot panels and a sports screen for a more sports oriented look – available for iOS and Android systems from the beginning of March.

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