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3 February 2017
Continental News: «Pure Performance: ContiSportAttack 3

• Sports tire with MultiGrip and GripLimitFeedback
• Exquisitely handcrafted product from Korbach
• Available from QI/2016

Hanover/Korbach, July 2, 2015. Starting next season, sporty motorcycle riders will bring even more grip to the asphalt with the ContiSportAttack 3 – along with astounding effortlessness in terms of handling. The sports and hypersports tire has undergone continuous further development and now sets the bar much higher still for all sports motorcycles – including when it comes to leaning performance on dry and wet roads. After all, the ingenious tread design with high drainage efficiency sustainably improves wet grip.

The brand new GripLimitFeedback technology also makes it even easier to make judgments when driving at high inclinations as the driver receives feedback from the tire at an early stage, which enables increased control in the respective driving situation. The silica compound, which was developed for the 2016-series Continental sports tire as well, also increases grip and significantly enhances the sense of safety in wet conditions. The tire design, which is specially tailored to modern-generation sports motorcycles, likewise enables noticeably more stable and clearly defined road handling. The larger contact area and a technically optimized tread design also enhance grip.

What is more, this efficiency does not just apply to the route. A larger contact area in the crown of the tire and the high proportion of rubber to air space in the central band – in conjunction with the further enhanced MultiGrip technology – allow for increased mileage, too. The proven TractionSkin technology also ensures an exceptionally safe and short break-in period – as well as immediate driving enjoyment from the very first meter.

Just like its predecessor, the third SportAttack generation was also handcrafted by the tire specialists in Korbach with the utmost care and superior technical expertise.