Our History



Timeline 1

Yamaha products were launched in Greece for the first time by Iliopoulos Bros SA, a subsidiary of AEM Bauxites Parnassou.


Timeline 2

Establishment of Yamaha Motor Hellas SA by Iliopoulos Bros SA, which formerly owned the exclusive distribution rights for Yamaha Motor Co. Japan products, dating back to 1969.

Timeline 3

These rights and all assets were taken over by the newly formed Yamaha Motor Hellas SA  

Timeline 4

Iliopoulos Bros had also acquired the exclusive distribution rights for UK ‘Rock Oil’ lubricants, which were automatically transferred to the newly created company. Establishment of a subsidiary in Bulgaria.  


Timeline 5

In September 1994, the new company acquired a 98% holding in the Bulgarian subsidiary of Iliopoulos Bros AE for the sum of EUR 1,185,620 (BGN 49,000).

Timeline 6

The company acquired official distribution rights from Yamaha Motor Co. Japan for the Romanian market, and founded a subsidiary company in which it has a 98% holding, through which it has since operated in this market.

Timeline 7

Establishment of the first Yamaha Center showrooms. Yamaha Center showrooms exclusively sell new Yamaha products, and are designed to provide vertically integrated services for a comprehensive customer service.


Timeline 8

As part of the modernisation of the company’s IT system, new warehouse management software was installed to provide inventory control, pricing, and financial information services.


Timeline 9

The company signed a seven-year cooperation agreement with Sakson AEBE for distribution of Valvoline lubricants through its network of partners. At the same time, it kept the rights to distribute lubricants of other brands, including Rock Oil brand lubricants.


Timeline 10

The company has formed three major collaborations for the exclusive distribution of MBK scooters, Shark helmets, and Richa clothing in Greece. In the same year, it renewed its cooperation agreement with Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. for another six years, until 2006.


Timeline 11

The company signed agreements with all its partners, in compliance with the terms of EU guidelines on ‘exclusive or selective distribution’ of similar products.


Timeline 12

The Company completed the process of signing ‘exclusive or selective distribution’ agreements with its partner network, in compliance with the terms of EU guidelines on ‘exclusive or selective distribution’ of similar products, opened a further two retail outlets and set up a subsidiary company with two new stores in Athens…


Timeline 13

The Company established a subsidiary company Motodynamics Insurance Brokerage AE, the main object of which is to provide all types of insurance. It also signed a two-year cooperation agreement with Ohlins Racing AB (a subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Europe NV (75%)) for the exclusive distribution of Ohlins products in Greece.


Timeline 14

In December 2004, its wholly-owned subsidiary in Romania, Eliopoulos Bros International Trading Srl., was relocated to a larger rented space in one of the most commercially active locations in Bucharest. In addition, a subsidiary company, Motodiktyo Northern Greece AE, was set up with a retail store in Thessaloniki.

Timeline 15

In December 2004, Motodynamics signed a contract with Termignoni Srl, for the exclusive distribution of Termignoni exhausts in Greece. Under the same agreement, the subsidiaries of Motodynamics in Bulgaria and Romania have exclusive distribution rights for Termignoni exhausts in the markets of these countries.


Timeline 16

Remaining shares were acquired in the subsidiaries in Romania (0.01%) and Bulgaria (0.054%), and they were renamed, from Eliopoulos Brothers Trading Srl and Eliopoulos Brothers Ltd to Motodynamics Srl and Motodynamics Ltd, respectively. The company signed new distribution agreements with Yamaha Motor Europe NV for Yamaha products, which expire on…

Timeline 17

The company relocated the Motodynamics Ltd subsidiary in Bulgaria to a larger rented showroom in Sofia. Exclusive representation was acquired for craft and outboard motors from the Italian Selva SpA in Greece and Romania.

Timeline 18

On 30 June 2005 the company’s shares were listed for the first time on the Athens Stock Exchange, through an IPO and private placement.


Timeline 19

The company took over exclusive distribution in Greece, Romania and Bulgaria of Pirelli marine craft from the Italian company Tecnorib Srl, as well as for boats made by the Turkish company Marincraft.

Timeline 20

Motodynamics  undertook exclusive representation of the French company Lecomble & Schmitt, makers of hydraulic outboard steering systems and in-and-out motors, for Greece, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Moldova and Cyprus.


Timeline 21

A contract was signed with the Italian company Alpinestars, for the exclusive distribution in Greece of clothing and footwear for motorcyclists. The company acquired the remaining 25% in the subsidiary Motodynamics Insurance Brokerage SA.


Timeline 22

The company undertook exclusive distribution in Greece of Jeanneau, Cap Camarat, and Merry Fisher outboard motor-powered fiberglass boats. In the same year, the company signed an exclusive representation agreement with the motorcycle tyre company Continental for the Greek market.

Timeline 23

S & B Industrial Minerals SA completed the divestiture process (carve-out) of the shares it held, with the result that the Kyriakopoulou family and Yamaha Motor Europe NV then held more than 50% of the share capital.


Timeline 24

Meanwhile, in the same year, the company concluded exclusive distribution agreements with Yamaha Motor Europe NV, thereby acquiring exclusive distributor rights from Yamaha Motor Co.  Japan for the markets of Albania and Moldova.

Timeline 25

Motodynamics relocated to a new building in Kyrillos, in the Municipality of Aspropyrgos, Attiki, which is also where its registered offices are now based. Two metal-sided buildings with a modern architectural design were erected on a plot of 38,000m2.

Timeline 26

One has a surface area of 3,000m2 designed to accommodate office facilities, restaurant, etc, and the second has a surface area of 12,090m2, in which a modern warehouse facility was constructed. To optimise the use of space, shelving has been installed on three separate levels.

Timeline 27

The investment was undertaken by a specialist construction company, and Motodynamics has entered into a 15-year lease agreement for the premises. In addition, the subsidiary in Romania, Motodynamics Srl, was relocated to a new building in the commercial district of Bucharest to cut operational expenses.

Timeline 28

The retail store in Bulgaria ceased operations as a 100% subsidiary of Motodynamics Ltd, and joined our partner network as an independent cooperating company.

Timeline 29

The company acquired the remaining 49% of Motodiktyo AE, its subsidiary company in Athens. Retail operations at the company’s branch store in Corfu were terminated, and the store was incorporated as a point of sale in the partner network.


Timeline 30

The first half of the year saw completion of the spin-off process for the retail division and its incorporation into the wholly-owned subsidiary Motodiktyo AE, with the aim of ensuring the robust and profitable growth of retail activity.

Timeline 31

The three former Motodynamics retail branches in Agia Paraskevi, Kallithea and Neo Psychiko, became retail outlets of the subsidiary Motodiktyo AE.

Timeline 32

The company’s share capital was increased by EUR 3.8 million through cash deposits and issue of 6.5 million new nominal shares. The share capital of the company as of 31 December 2010 amounted to EUR 6.8 million, comprised of 11.5 million ordinary shares with a nominal value of EUR 0.59…


Timeline 33

In 2011, Motodynamics was proud to add Porsche to its commercial operations in the Greek market. Porsche’s legendary shield joined Motodynamics’ range of products, with all the excitement that only the Porsche brand could possibly create.


Timeline 34

In 2015, Motodiktyo set up www.motodirect.gr – its new online store.  



Since December 2018, Motodynamics S.A. acquires 80,5% of Lion Rental S.A. and marks a new era for Sixt oriented to continuously improving its services and repositioning it on the market.