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20 April 2016
Yamaha News: New Yamaha Tracer 700 The new Sport Tourer

Throughout much of Europe, motorcycling is experiencing something of a renaissance in the key marketplaces. More people are coming back to appreciate that powered two wheelers offer an affordable, accessible and exciting way to discover another world and live another life. And an increasing number of riders are looking to expand their horizons by choosing a Sport Tourer as their next motorcycle.

Yamaha has recently released many exciting and innovative motorcycles to the market, and will continue to push ahead with its extensive new model development programme. In summer 2016 we will be introducing a sporty and versatile new model which will mark a significant step forward in the approach to the Sport Touring segment.

The exciting and addictive new Yamaha Tracer 700 has been developed from the highly successful MT-07 platform, and is poised to attract a new generation of riders by strengthening and reinvigorating the current Sport Tourer line up. Offering an impressive specification combined with an affordable price – and featuring a bold and individual style – the Tracer 700 has the potential to transform the image of the Sport Tourer class.

Positioned to become the definitive middleweight Sport Tourer, the Tracer 700 is a natural step-up model, and is ready to expand the segment and reinforce the huge success of the Tracer 900.

The launch of this sporty new model also offers Yamaha the opportunity to rationalize and expand the company’s Sport Tourer segment, which will embrace the new Tracer 700 and also the Tracer 900, as well as the recently revised FJR1300 flagship models.

With its sports-oriented heritage – combined with serious long distance abilities and dynamic good looks – the new Tracer 700 opens up an exciting new era in the middleweight Sport Tourer category.