The Italian company Alpinestars is the leading manufacturer of motorcycle clothing worldwide, and has been represented in Greece by Motodynamics since 2008.

Alpinestars began operations in 1963 as a manufacturer of boots for racing use. This was at the time when Motocross started to become popular in Europe. Driven by a passion for motor sports and a visionary desire to continue working on innovative new products, Alpinestars soon expanded into speed racing.

For over 50 years, Alpinestars has equipped countless champions in every league, worldwide or local, through its partner representatives.
The knowledge gained from close involvement in racing allowed the company to move off track, so that all motorcyclists, regardless of the motorcycle they use, are able to enjoy the benefits of high quality equipment as far as both safety and design are concerned.

Alpinestars has a more than comprehensive range of all-round clothing, footwear and protective gear, on and off-road, with a focus on the rider’s need for safety, comfort, and contemporary design, no matter what kind of bike they may own. Its passion for motorcycles is visible in every detail of its products.

The thrill that its name inspires even extends to casual clothing and household objects.

Get some Alpinestars DNA, every day!